Welcome to my island!
I run away from home and came to United States from one of the coldest places on earth – Siberia.
Things weren’t working out with my family. I was feeling imprisoned, shamed for simply being myself, controlled, while deep inside all I wanted was freedom, life and limitless love. By the time of my early teens I hadn’t had much choice but to start plotting a major escape. Which as you can see I miraculously succeeded in. With the devoted help of my brother one day I packed my bags and took off to another planet called New York. Having no money in my pocket, one medium size luggage bag in my right and a basket ball in my left I was anxiously disembarking at JFK. OMG that’s when the journey started.

But before I go to the explanation of the magic quest map that represents my US life I wanted to tell you about my treasured ancestry. The Shamanic forefathers of the east.

As you can imagine Siberia is full of interesting beings. Like my dad for instance… Listen, my father is a shaman from the Siberian lineage. He only appears twice a year and I call him Solar Eclipse. He was always THE ONE and he IS the one who taught me about mountains and rocks, mesmerizing butterflies, spirits of the earth, free birds and rooted trees, sacred plants and of course – Music.

My father taught me how to listen. He used to say: Don’t just hear – listen!“ I remember how he made me stand in the middle of the forest and talk to the wind on the top on the pines. I was learning fast and soon you could hear me kargyraaning and singing strange melodies in different shamanic languages everywhere I go.